Purchasing Recharge Card

Dear subscriber, you can receive the PIN charge via E-mail by selecting the type, number of required recharge card and paying online, and by entering the * 141 *PIN # on your device, in order to increase the credit of RighTel data or prepaid SIM Card. In addition, recharge information is displayed in the last step of purchase (after payment) and can be saved. It is worth mentioning that if the Email address is incorrect or the recharge information is not saved, it will not be possible to retrieve this information in any way.

Selecting Recharge Card
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Cardholders of all Shetab banks cards can pay the amount through the banking online ports. Choose a bank port

Selecting bank portal

Recharge Card Sale

  • Dear subscriber, after checking the information below, select the E-pay button and confirm the payment to the bank, otherwise choose the return button